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About Kelvin R. Parker...

Kelvin Parker is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who has created and managed successful multi-million dollar campaigns in the entrepreneurial, wealth creation, money-making niches – alternative health niche – and self-development / self-help niches ...

... in addition to offline businesses such as dentists, restaurants, real estate agents and investors, insurance agencies, debt settlement companies and many more. He also creates “process campaigns” and has done creative “campaign licensing and deal making” for clients in scores of other industries, bringing in massive profits.

Kelvin has 30 years of direct marketing experience. He has worked on projects for the likes of Ted Nicholas, Christian Godefroy and Kevin Trudeau; “process promotions” and campaigns have pulled up to $161,140 per 1,000 names mailed.

Experience ranges the complete spectrum of marketing activities, including direct mail in 12 languages and over 200 countries, email marketing, social media marketing, print advertising, online events, infomercials, multi-channel process campaigns and more.

He has also managed all aspects of direct response businesses for hundred-million-dollar-plus clients including product development, marketing strategy, deal negotiations, copywriting, planning and budgeting, campaign execution, and managing fulfillment and logistics, customer service, and finance and accounting.