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​Facebook Ads Marketing Services Payment Form

Congratulations! ... on your decision to increase the number of new paying patients you acquire each month, using Facebook ads. Please complete the steps below so we can get started on your campaign:

Step 1: Download our Client Agreement/CC Authorization Form. Please print this out, sign and email back to kelvin@ctp.marketing. This form is for your protection as it ensures we have permission to charge your card.

Step 2: Submit your payment using the form below.​

Step 3: Once you have submitted your payment, you will be brought to a Getting Started page. This page will let you know what to expect and what materials we will need from you in order to get your campaign started.

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Here's What You'll Get:

  • We’ll work with you to create an offer that entices your potential clients to book an appointment with you…
  • We’ll Create a Lead Funnel that automatically emails your potential client your promised information in exchange for their name, email and phone. Now you have your lead!
  • We’ll Setup Custom Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your Lead Funnel so we can bring fresh, qualified potential clients to your real estate business daily…
  • We’ll Monitor and Manage your Facebook ads so that you get the most qualified potential clients for the lowest cost…
  • We’ll touch base with you weekly to see how sign-up to paid clients are going and adjust your campaign to increase the profits of your business…

​"Customer Triggered Persuasion were able to generate new real estate client leads for us fast. The targeted ads they created generated 18 new client leads in the first few days ... at a cost of only $8.99 per lead.

Definitely recommend their service to give your business a boost.​"

​Roy & Jorie Shalem
​Austin Property Team

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