​Jose Luis Guerra

Phone: ​512 ​789-​7769

Email: JoseLuis@ctp.marketing

Here is what we need from you to get started . . .

  • Setup a Facebook Fan/Business Page​ (if you don't have ​one already) ​[Click here for instructions]
  • Setup a Facebook Business Manager account, and Facebook Ads Account (if you don't already have them) [Click Here for instructions on how to set up​]
  • Set ​us up ​an admin on your Business Manager account​ ​[Click here for instructions - and when prompted, use the email address "kelvin@parkermarketing.com"]
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    Be sure to also add your Facebook PAGE to your new Facebook Business Manager account [Click here for instructions]

Next, send an email with the following information to 


  • ​ALL variations of your logo 
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    ​Headshots or profile pictures of yourself - and of any agents in your office
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    ​Send target areas and/or zip codes - that you want buyer or seller leads
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    ​Pictures of properties (outside only) that are representative of your market
  • mail-forward
    ​Any active listings (send link to description and photos)
  • mail-forward
    ​Details of recent properties sold
  • Written or Video testimonials from ​clients
  • Photos of you and your team (if you have any)
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    ​Photos of your ​office building (from the outside)
  • mail-forward
    ​Photos of your ​business name – outside your ​office or on the wall in your reception area
  • mail-forward
    ​Photos of you and your team having fun, maybe at a work party

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