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About Kelvin Parker

  • 30+ years in direct marketing. Worked with some of the brightest marketing minds in the world, such as Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Clayton Makepeace, and many others...
  • Opened up new businesses all over the world - each turning over millions of dollars for Reuille Holdings - a $300 million a year Swiss company...
  • Built start-ups - going from ZERO to 200,000+ names on the customer file within 12 months, and ran programs that included 60 active promotions running at one time...
  • Copy has generated up to $16,140 per 1,000 names mailed (84% prospect names)...
  • Increased sales and conversions by 260% for Dr. Robert Anthony, by 420% for OptionsMONSTER, and over 600% for Inspired Publishing Group...
  • Worked in most every marketing channel, dozens of industries and niches, and ran an international program marketing in over 200 countries and 12 languages…