CASE STUDY: How We Generated 206 New Real Estate Leads in 12 Days Using Facebook Ads ...

Like to take a peek at the simple ​Facebook strategy that generated ​​206 ​new ​real estate ​client ​leads - in 6 ​different ​markets in 12 ​days - ​for an ​average ​cost of $7.37 each?

  • ​Would you like 20 to 50 new client leads each month​, and the new deals, commissions, and revenues that would bring to your business?​
  • ​Watch the case study by clicking "YES! Show Me The Video!" -​and then book an appointment for a free strategy call...​
  • ​For the next 5 scheduled calls - ​if you decide to test the strategy - we'll deliver the first 5 leads for free...​

Kelvin Parker is a 30+ year marketing veteran – who has driven hundreds of millions in new revenues for ​real estate agents, mortgage brokers, on up to billion dollar corporations.

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