Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Highly Qualified "Ready-to-do-a-Deal" Real Estate Leads ...

Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns Can Almost Guaranteed You'll Never Be Without New Clients Waiting to Be Sold ...

Keeping your sales pipeline filled with highly qualified, “ready-to-do-a-deal” leads is a significant challenge in the real estate business.

High cost lead services, with monthly minimums and service costs, long-term contracts, and worst of all – low-quality / non-exclusive leads that are being contacted by 15 other agents – they DO NOTHING to solve the problem.

Lead services also fail to address the biggest issue of lead generation – immediate, automated, yet personal nurturing and follow-up of leads.

The Problem

​Getting Exclusive & High Quality Leads

​Real estate lead services often include setup and monthly service fees, minimum budget spends, and they lock you into a lengthy contract.

But worst of all – the leads you get frequently are of low quality, and are being sold to 15 other agents at the same time.

And they almost never include a follow-up service to nurture your leads, until they are ready to do a deal with you, even though this is a essential and critical part of lead generation.

Doing lead generation yourself is not as easy as it might appear. Google, Facebook, display and video ad campaigns can be complicated. Many try and give up – after investing time and money without great results.


Performance Based, No Contract, “Done-For-You” Service

​We offer a performance based - pay per lead - real estate client leads service. No monthly or setup fees, no minimums, and cancel anytime.

Leads are EXCLUSIVE to you, and HIGHLY QUALIFIED, based upon targeting, ad copy, and follow-up and nurture systems that warm them up ready to do a deal with you.

Leads are generated using Facebook, Google search, display, and video ads. Nurture systems include a mixture of text, email, and direct-to-voicemail messages.

We continually test, optimize, and scale the campaigns, to deliver the best new client leads that are converting to business for you.

Customer Triggered Persuasion were able to generate new real estate client leads for us. The targeted ads they created generated 18 new client leads in the first few days...

Roy & Joe Shalem
Austin Property Team

New Real Estate Leads on Demand

​Thanks to our proven Facebook lead generation system, we can generate new real estate leads for you on demand !

​Proven ad types and offers

You'll get access to our proven ad types and offers that have been tested to generate highly qualified buyer and seller leads, at the lowest cost.

But not all offers work in all markets – and market conditions constantly change.

Which is why we're always testing...

​Testing sequence & strategy

We have decades of experience in direct marketing – and have run campaigns doing millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of dollars.

From that experience comes a disciplined, results driven, efficient testing strategy, which is performed in a very definite sequence for the strongest results.

Meaning – the most leads at the lowest cost – but only the most highly qualified mortgage leads ready to close on new business.

​Proven funnels / landing pages

All of our leads generated on Facebook are pushed through our proven funnels and landing pages.

Our real estate funnels use quiz-style lead forms, which have consistently delivered significantly more leads, and highly quality leads – than landing prospects on a web page or standard landing page.

They engage prospects in a fun and easy process – which is highly addictive – and have been proven to compel new real estate leads to complete and submit all their details to you.

​XVerify to weed out fake leads

We connect XVerify to all Facebook lead campaigns. XVerify is a real-time email and phone verification service, which filters out fake leads. Your leads will only be REAL prospects using a REAL phone number and email address.

​Automation setup – CRM & follow-up systems integration

Our tech team will connect your Facebook lead generation campaign to your CRM system, and whatever other follow-up systems you may be using. Automation and instant follow-up, greatly increase the odds that leads convert to prospects, and prospects to paying clients.

​Nurturing & Follow-Up Systems

If you have your own follow-up systems in place, we will ensure the right messaging, in the right sequence, is being used to warm up leads and get them ready to do a deal with you. If you don't have an automated follow-up system, we'll drive your leads through our custom nurture system – which includes a combination of email, text, and direct-to-voicemail messages.

​Tracking – reporting – continual optimization

We track multiple variables and key KPIs on your campaigns, and continually optimize to ensure you're receiving the most leads, and the lowest cost. 

​Here are some of the results...

Here's a quick view of some of the results we've generated for agents and brokers across the country:

​Ready to roll? Here's what you can expect...

Personal Consultation

We’ll sit down with you and discuss your business, your advertising budget, and how many new buyer and seller leads you'd like to generate each month.


We'll research and review the data on your market, and on the types of real estate clients you'd most like to attract. With this data, we'll ensure we're targeting the right audience, and putting the right message in front of them.

​Campaign Creation

We'll create your campaign, setup marketing funnels and landing pages, install XVerify, and setup integrations with your automation systems. We'll also create multiple ads covering different offers and test what works best in your market – for the type of prospective real estate client you're wanting to do business with.

Start the Flow of New Client Leads as Early as Next Week

​How Much Is This Going To Cost?

We deliver to you new real estate client leads – on a performance, pay per lead basis.

Campaigns start with Facebook, and later, we'll add Google search ads, display, and video – to generate exclusive, and highly qualified leads. We research the market, and what's working to attract the type of business you want – and develop a strategy and series of ads to test.

All email addresses are verified in real-time with Xverify.

Leads are nurtured and warmed-up, using a follow-up system of emails, text messages, and direct-to-voicemail messages. The goal is to have "ready-to-do-a-deal" leads calling you.

We continually test, optimize, and scale the campaigns that are delivering the best new client leads that are converting to business for you.

We deliver the number of leads you need for your business. But only the leads you need. This is a "pay per lead" service – no minimums, and cancel anytime.

If you need to expand and increase the lead flow – no problem. If you need to scale back for a time, that's no problem either. And you can cancel at anytime.

Depending upon the market, lead costs may vary from $15 to $45, or so.

We take into account your location, state of your market, and the types of leads you'd like to generate.

Once the price is established for your market, it becomes a fixed price per lead.

You're only paying for the leads generated.

There are zero hidden costs or extras. No monthly management fees, no ad costs, no minimums, and cancel at anytime.

We only deliver EXCLUSIVE leads for your use only. And HIGHLY QUALIFIED, thanks to the targeting we use, the ad copy, and the follow-up / nurture systems.

We're here to help your business grow and become more profitable LONG TERM.

We'll work with you to fully understand the type of clients you want to be working with, and the types of properties you wish to be closing deals on – and deliver those new clients to you.

Start the Flow of New Client Leads as Early as Next Week

Buyer & seller leads - pay per lead -no minimums - cancel anytime.​​​​..

Kelvin Parker – CEO

Kelvin is a 30+ year veteran of direct marketing – and have worked with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and property investors, up to multi hundred million dollar enterprises – driving new customers, sales, and profits.

​Jose Luis Guerra – VP Marketing

Jose Luis Guerra – has 17 years experience include working as a Realtor®, property investor, and driving tens of millions of dollars in revenues for real estate investment and training companies.